Unions campaign for COVID safe workplaces


Is your workplace COVID safe?

We thank all our members for their hard work over the past months, doctors have played a pivotal role in ensuring that our health system has been equipped to manage this pandemic. As Australia gradually moves out of lockdown after successfully suppressing the spread of the pandemic, we have to take necessary steps to protect the community (and ourselves as health workers) from a second wave of infection.

Australian Unions are asking for 3 things in the workplace to protect the community;

  1. Paid pandemic leave for all workers who need to be tested, to self-isolate or to recover from COVID-19, this includes casuals and contractors that we have regular contact with
  2. Stronger, clearer and more consistent work health and safety laws, and
  3. COVID aware workplaces

ASMOF is working alongside Australian unions in a national campaign to achieve these goals and we encourage you to get involved. You can do this by:

  • Using the tools available on the website to have conversations at work and ask your employer to support the campaign to reduce the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

 We encourage you to contact your local union branch for information, support and advice, or if you have any concerns about how safe your workplace is