CQU Survey: Impact of COVID-19

ASMOF has been asked to distribute a survey from CQU assessing the impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Professionals.

The aim of the research project is to explore the quality and nature of support you received during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also aim to understand some of the challenges you faced in your roles to deliver safe and quality care (Approved through CQU Ethics, Approval Number: 22584).

Your participation is voluntary and you may choose to stop participating at any stage without any consequences. All responses will be confidential and will only be used for the purposes of this research. Only de-identified and aggregated data will be used in publications.

You can learn more about the survey and participate by clicking this link: https://cqu.syd1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cvFpqvAsytLFicZ

We encourage you to circulate this survey to colleagues who are also healthcare professionals. If you have any further questions about this project, please contact the Project Investigators, Dr Ashlyn Sahay, email: a.sahay@cqu.edu.au or Dr Samantha Fien at CQUnivesity s.fien@cqu.edu.au

We hope you will consider participating in this important research.