ASMOF Statement on Prof Lyn Gilbert & Infection Control


ASMOF- The Doctors Union is disappointed in the comments made by Professor Gilbert as reported in The Australian on November 19. Our members are on the frontline in public hospitals, at risk to themselves and their families, are in no way apathetic about contracting COVID-19 in the workplace. During this pandemic they have faced PPE shortages, lack of appropriate fit testing, and confusing and contradictory advice around transmission routes and appropriate protection. Experienced and dedicated clinicians have followed guidelines and become infected through no fault of their own.

We support the swift response from our colleagues to these comments, and support the letter sent to Prof Gilbert from AMA Federal President Dr Omar Khorshid. Our workplaces must be safe for doctors, and we would like to remind our members that they have a right to refuse work or cease work if there is a reasonable concern that you would be exposed to a serious risk to your health and safety from an immediate or imminent hazard. A serious risk of exposure to a COVID-19 infection would meet this definition. 

Contact ASMOF if you are concerned about COVID-19 in your workplace.