The Federal ASMOF Council are elected every three years, with the latest results being declared in October of 2015. These are the position holders:


Federal President - Prof Geoffrey Dobb
Federal Vice-President - Dr Antony Sara
Federal Secretary - Dr Stuart Day
Federal Assistant Secretary/Treasurer - Dr Roderick McRae


Dr Vinesh Appadurai
Dr Bronwyn Avard
Dr David Chapman
Dr Matthew Cheng
Prof James Colebatch
Dr Stephanie Cooper
Dr James Finn
Dr Lavinia Hallam
Dr Hau Tan
Dr Anthony Joseph
Dr Tom Karplus
Dr Cameron Korb-Wells
Dr Arian Lasocki
Dr Michael Lumsden-Steel
Dr Howard Machlin
Dr Chris Maguire
Dr David Mountain
Dr Jae Min Park
Dr Alan Pham
Dr David Pope
Dr David Rosenfeld
Dr Katherine Sinclair
Dr Stephen Gourley
Dr Bernadette Wilks
Dr Laura Willington
Dr Christopher Wilson
Dr Xavier Yu